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Urban Ventures X House of Noise at Keong Saik Road - 18 Feb 2017 

I had such a blast performing my songs for the crowd at the Urban Ventures X House of Noise street party at Keong Siak Rd last Saturday! My heart is so full! This was my FIRST-EVER all-originals show, but there's only going to be more to come! (':

What I wore

I knew it was going to be warm and humid since it was an outdoor/open air stage, so I put my hair up into a victory roll in the front and curled the rest of my hair, threw on a wire headband that matched my true vintage 1950's powder blue gingham dress. I paired my outfit with an ultra-comfortable pair of vintage-inspired leather Marisa sandals from Charlie Stone

This has been my favourite way to wear my hair for performances lately, because it keeps all the hair out of my face. A scarf or headband also keeps things cute haha. I need to get my hands on more vintage nylon scarves that are of the right dimensions for vintage hairstyles! 

Pre-show issues

Chilling around with two-thirds of the band while waiting for soundcheck 

We ran into technical difficulties at the beginning that delayed the start of my set, and with the looming dark clouds overhead, I was secretly worried that it'd start pouring. I might look calm in the photo above but knowing my luck, I was definitely worried haha. Thankfully, the sound crew managed to resolve the technical issues and we finally took the stage at 4.30pm at the Keong Saik stage (we were supposed to go on at 3.50pm)! Phew.

The band, from L-R: Yap Ting Wei (drums), Brandon Wong (bass), me, Daniel Chia (keys)
Photo taken from the Thunder Rock School Facebook page

These wonderful musicians have been so kind to support me - my songs wouldn't be complete without them. They make me sound good!

Photo by Raphael Ong (

Photo by Raphael Ong (​

Here's Brandon, who has been so supportive since I first knew him from being a stagehand at Another Crazy Christmas in 2008! 
Photo by Raphael Ong (

I was really surprised to see people in the crowd starting to mouth the words to my songs (the choruses)! There were people moving to and clapping along with the music, which always puts a smile on my face (':

If you're looking for the set list, here it is:

1. Right Next to You 
2. Better Off Without You 
3. Timeline 
4. Spot of Sunshine 
5. Sophia  

I got to play two new songs, Right Next to You and Timeline, for the first time, which makes it a world premiere, right? If you were there, you got to hear it first! YAY.

Here's a crowd-sourced snippet of Sophia, taken by Calvin (

Post-show photos
With my girls Sophie and Salima (aka Sasha M!) after my set
Photo credit: Sasha M - read more about her experience at the show on her blog here

All of Sara Wee's mentees, past and present, from the Noise Music Mentorship programme! Pictured: HubbaBubbas, The Great White Lark, Sally Suitcase, Sam Driscoll, JAWN, Jean Goh Seizure, and of course Sara herself right in the middle

Sara (from Singaporean band 53A) has been a great mentor to me. Like I mentioned in my Lush995 interview, I couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to mentor me on this Noise journey! So thankful for the opportunities and good things that came with being part of the programme: workshops, the House of Noise shows, video and audio recording of our originals at Snakeweed Studios, my first radio interview, interaction with the mentors, and friendships with my fellow mentees. I highly recommend all budding musicians to apply for the Noise Music Mentorship 2017 and beyond! 

This concludes my journey in the Noise Music Mentorship 2016 by the National Arts Council (NAC)! If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to contact me either by leaving a comment below or sending me a message via my contact page. I'd be happy to answer your burning questions (:

If you were there, a huge thank you for coming down and catching my set! Let me know what your favourite song was!

With love,

Noise Music Mentorship final concert and 2017 updates 

Hi there!

I have officially started a blog! The Glamour Vintage Songbird Diaries are meant for you to know more about me beyond my music. It will chronicle highlights in my music career, business, and daily life, covering topics ranging from songwriting to vintage beauty and style, and even some nuggets of wisdom I pick up along the way! Enjoy your time here. 


As you might know, I've been under the mentorship of Sara Wee (of Singaporean band 53A) for the past few months as mentee in the National Arts Council's Noise Music Mentorship Programme. A little bit of background information: 

About Noise Singapore

An initiative of the National Arts Council, Noise Singapore is dedicated to making noise about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below. Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people in Singapore to actively participate in and nurture their relationship with the arts.

The Noise Music Mentorship is programmed by Thunder Rock School from May 2016 to January 2017, comprising of mentoring sessions with industry experts, workshops, masterclasses and feedback sessions leading to this final showcase. For more information on Noise Singapore, visit
To end the programme with a bang, we are putting up a concluding show in the form of a block party on Keong Saik Rd!

Presenting... House of Noise x Urban Ventures block party at Keong Saik Road!

I'm kicking things off at the Keong Saik Stage at 3.50pm, so come early!
Lineup for the Keong Saik stage, one of the two stages on that day

Check out the newly-released live video of Better Off Without You below, recorded at Snakeweed Studios by brasscollective, thanks to Noise Singapore. I will be playing this song, amongst others, with this amazing band on Saturday the 18th of February!

2017 Updates​ 

1. First originals show 
Photo credit: DW WORKSHOP

The House of Noise unplugged concert went down on Saturday, 4 February, at DW WORKSHOP. Heartened by the great response from the audience to my set! 

2. First EVER live radio interview and performance

Rozz and I right after the interview in the new MediaCorp studio

I got the chance to be do my very first live radio interview and performance on Lush 99.5FM's Lush Bites with Rozz on Friday, 10 February! Thankful for the opportunity to showcase my music and chat about my background. 

If you missed it or want to recap part of the interview and performance, click here to watch a behind-the-scenes live video on Facebook. 

Trust me when I say that 2017 is going to be exciting. There's more in the pipeline so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for the next update. Till next time!

Lots of love, 

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